Russian Crepes Stuffed With Rice and Minced Beef

Stuffed crepes recipe

Everybody knows French crepes! But blini or crepes are one of Russian most known traditional dishes! We even have a holiday dedicated to blini when everybody makes and eats blini for a week! Very healthy, I know! Though French crepes are very similar to Russian crepes, they are usually associated with dessert or sweet snack while crepes in Russia can be both sweet and savoury. You can have blini with a variety of different toppings from sour cream and jam to caviar and smoked salmon. Read More →

Breakfast Hash Browns with Poached Eggs (Original Recipe)

Harshbrowns & Poached Eggs - SOTGM Blog Cooking on a weekend is a joy for me! Usually you don’t have to rush anywhere in the morning so you have time to make something special for breakfast or if you slept in for brunch! However, I’m always torn between savoury and sweet! Sometimes I would have both, but most of the time I have to choose. This hash browns with poached eggs recipe is from my savoury list and it became one of my favourites. Read More →

Planning a Destination Wedding in Prague

IMG_3726 The reason why I haven’t been blogging for a while was partly because I’ve been busy with planning my wedding in Prague. We chose Prague as our destination for the wedding because it is full of history, beautiful architecture and is more affordable than other European capitals. Planning a destination wedding is not easy as you usually don’t have an opportunity to visit in advance and check out places for yourself. We had to make all the decision remotely relying solely on the expertise of a wedding agency and people we’ve never met before. However, despite all difficulties and frustration, having our wedding in Prague was the best decision we could have made and we didn’t regret it for a second! Prague is absolutely stunning and is a perfect backdrop for wedding photos! Read More →

Turkish Breakfast: Menemen – Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes, Bell Pepper and Red Chili Flakes

Menemen Recipe

Breakfast is a big deal in Turkey (so is every other meal of the day!) Menemen is a Turkish version of scrambled eggs from Izmir region made with tomatoes, green pepper, red chilies, spices and olive oil. It’s a healthy and delicious breakfast and very easy to make!

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Turkish Dolmas or Stuffed Grape Leaves (Zeytinyağlı Yaprak Sarması)


Since I first tried dolmas, delicious grape leaves stuffed with rice and Turkish spices, I knew I was in trouble! I loved them so much I couldn’t stop eating them. One by one they were disappearing in my mouth without even noticing. Actually, the word “dolma” in Turkish means anything stuffed; it can be grape leaves, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes etc. This particular kind of Turkish dolmas is called “zeytinyağlı yaprak sarması” and is made of grape leaves and rice and olive oil stuffing (no meat). They are sweet and savoury and full of flavour! Great for snacking, appetizer or main dish!  Read More →

Weekend Brunch at Home: Perfect Homemade Waffles Recipe

Perfect Waffles Recipe

I LOVE waffles! I discovered my love for them when I first came to Canada and bought my first frozen pack of Eggo Waffles. Needless to say, they were also partly responsible for a few pounds I gained at that time..I enjoyed my fair share of frozen waffles but as you probably would agree, they can’t be compared to freshly baked ones! My friend got me a waffle maker a few years ago for my birthday and since then I was trying to master the perfect waffle but my attempts always failed until this day. Read More →

Soy Glazed Salmon with Sesame Soba Noodles and Asian Salad

Salmon with Soba Noodles (11)

If you read my blog, you probably have noticed that I’m cooking a lot of Asian food. I do! I love Asian food and here, in British Columbia, it’s very easy to find all ingredients you need to make close to authentic Asian flavours. Read More →

Russian Cabbage Rolls – Step by Step Cooking Guide

Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Rolls or “go-loo-b-tsi” is one of the most famous and loved Russian dishes. Eastern European countries like Poland, Ukraine and Croatia have their own variation of this tasty dish, as well as Mediterranean countries like Greece and Turkey which use grape leaves as an alternative wrapper. It seems like people all over the world just love wrapping meat and rice into something! Why not? It’s delicious in any form! Read More →

Merry Christmas with Mama’s Cinnamon Cookies

Christmas Cinnamon Cookies (12)

This year we are lucky to have my mother-in-law visiting us from Turkey for Christmas and New Years. This means a lot of cooking and baking! Yesterday we came home from work to a delicious smell of cinnamon and freshly baked cookies. What a nice surprise! Read More →

Christmas Mantel Decor with Silver and Gold Accents

Christmas Mantel Decor

Holidays are here! Who doesn’t like holiday season? Warmth of a fireplace, hot chocolate, mulled wine, Christmas tree and family time…definitely my favourite time of the year!
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