Merry Christmas with Mama’s Cinnamon Cookies

Christmas Cinnamon Cookies (12)

This year we are lucky to have my mother-in-law visiting us from Turkey for Christmas and New Years. This means a lot of cooking and baking! Yesterday we came home from work to a delicious smell of cinnamon and freshly baked cookies. What a nice surprise! Read More →

Christmas Mantel Decor with Silver and Gold Accents

Christmas Mantel Decor

Holidays are here! Who doesn’t like holiday season? Warmth of a fireplace, hot chocolate, mulled wine, Christmas tree and family time…definitely my favourite time of the year!
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Borscht: Russian Beetroot Soup

Russian Borscht Recipe-4

Borscht is probably one of the best known Russian dishes and also the most loved one. It is a lot of work though! Too much chopping or shredding. But once in a while I like treating my boyfriend and myself with this Russian delicacy. Read More →

DIY Fall Mantel Decor


Fall always puts me in a crafty mood. I love decorating my mantel according to the season or holiday. We are getting closer to the Canadian Thanksgiving so I’ve created this themed mantel decor to put ourselves in a cozy fall mood. Read More →

Mushroom and Buckwheat Soup


This hearty Russian soup with mushrooms and buckwheat is great for fall! It can warm you up on a cold day and satisfy your cravings for a hot bowl of soup. Read More →

Sunny Day at Deer Lake Park


First shots taken with my new old Canon Rebel XS and 50mm f1.8 lens at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, BC. I’m pretty happy with the results! Read More →

Cinnamon Buns or Trying Food Photography Tricks for the First Time

Cinnamon Buns

I’ve been reading a lot about food photography and blogging lately (by the way, I had NO idea that Food Photography is a THING!)¬†and realized that my photos are “slightly” underwhelming to say the least! Apparently, there is a whole field of food photography and the science of taking good food pictures. Who would have thought! So I’ve decided to get a DSLR camera and start blogging like a pro! Read More →

Turkish Red Lentil Patties

lentil balls These red lentil patties were one of the first Turkish dishes I got introduced to by my boyfriend’s mom. It was the love from the first sight! I had them again when I visited Istanbul this summer and my love for them only grew stronger. Read More →

Turkish Breakfast: tea, eggs, cheese and Turkish sausage.

turkish breakfast

Breakfast is the main meal of the day, that’s what they say. Weekday mornings are usually too rushed to have a proper breakfast but the weekends are another story. When we have time and supplies my boyfriend and I love having a Turkish breakfast, the best kind of breakfast!

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Solyanka: Russian Sour Soup with Smoked Meats

Salyanka-1 Today I’d like to share one of my favourite Russian soup recipes – Solyanka. We, Russians, love our soups! Every traditional lunch or supper, how we usually call it, consists of 3 courses with soup being the first one. Solyanka is a salty combination of sour smoked flavours. The word Solyanka comes from “sol” which means “salt” in Russian. It is as Russian as it can get!
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